Syndicated Research

past tense: syndicated; past principle: syndicated
1. Combined or making a joint effort to undertake some specific duty or carry out specific transactions or negotiations.

What is Syndicated Research? A research study which is conducted and funded by a market research firm but not for any specific client is called a syndicated research. The result of such research is often provided in the form of reports, presentations, raw data etc. and is made available in open market.

As owner of the largest ISO certified panel, M3 has distinct advantages in recruiting and conducting syndicated research; one such advantage is scale. As we provide the sample, we work with sample sizes that are significantly larger than similar products. Being the owner of the sample also allows us to offer customized solutions at syndicated pricing. We regularly work with clients to customize a study for their needs.

Syndicated Products

Patient Map

Allows access to an epidemiology database of patients clinically diagnosed and treated for 400+ diseases nationwide including rare diseases.

Physician Map

Identifies key opinion leaders determined by peer nominations both nationally and regionally, and can also rank physicians by a number of patients influenced metric.

Brand Track

Allows pharmaceutical companies to evaluate their sales representatives’ performance not only by the sales amount, but through feedback directly from physicians.

Influence Track

Captures the promotions a physician is exposed to from all channels and reports on how they spend their time with these messages, what the content of the messages are and how, if at all, it affects their prescribing.

Complete Series

Offers a comprehensive analysis of the utilization, value and influence of communication and information tools. 

Products By Business Need

Patient Map
  • How do I quantify the market for disease state “x”?
  • What physician specialties are currently treating disease state “x”?
  • What specialty treats the majority of disease state “x” patients?
  • How many disease state “x” patients are treated by Specialists vs. FPs?
Physician Map
  • Who are the national KOLs for a disease state?
  • Who are the regional KOLs for a diseases state?
  • How do we designate between the popular KOLs vs. those that can actually impact patient treatment?
Influence Track
  • How are physicians spending time? What are the contents of the messages they read?
  • How does this effect their prescription behavior?
  • How do we adjust our marketing mix spend?
  • How is a doctor influenced?
  • Should we change our promotion strategy?
Brand Track
  • How do our sales reps stack up vs. the competition in the eyes of physicians?
  • What is causing Product X’s share to drop in District / Territory A1?
  • What is the impact from news reports of manufacturing sanctions on prescribing of products from Company ABC?
  • What is the local reaction to sales force downsizing?

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