Q: Why do you need my SSN?
A: Once you have reached $600 or more in compensation for the tax year, M3 Global Research is required by law to report your income to the Internal Revenue Service and issue you a 1099 MISC form for your taxes. Please refer to for additional information.

Q: Can you please help me understand how my IRS Form-1099 was calculated, and what the total earned is based on?
A: Your total compensation earned is calculated based on the total amount of compensation checks sent to you for individual projects and compensation added to your M3 Wallet balance in the tax year. To see the breakdown of the compensation for each project you participated in, please review your dashboard and M3 Wallet.

Q: How does the process work? What do I send you and what do I get returned to me?
A: You provide us with your tax info via our secure online form or you send us a completed W-9 via fax or mail. We then send you a 1099-MISC for the amount you earned with us during the year by January 31st of the next tax year.

Q: What happens to my tax information once I provide it to you? Do you share it with anyone?
A: UNEQUIVOCALLY NO. Your information is encrypted and stored securely in our database. It is only shared with the IRS - no one else.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to speak with Customer Support at (202) 293-1622 between 9AM and 5PM Eastern.

Q: Is there a way for me to know how much I've been paid in a year at any given time?
A: Available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is your online dashboard at Once logged in, you can view all projects you've participated in, and payments sent, by year. While there, we suggest also checking your online profile and making sure all of your information is up to date as well, helping to ensure you are being invited to our most appropriate research opportunities for you.

Q: When will I receive my 1099?
A: You will receive a 1099 from M3 Global Research in compliance with the timing deadlines required by the IRS. All 1099's will be sent out by the end of January of the following year and are sent to you via email and postal mail.