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NON-MEMBER RESEARCH PARTICIPANTS SPECIAL CONSIDERATION: In addition to all other sections of the Compensation Provisions as outlined on this page, specific consideration and requirements apply to those research participants who do not have a member account created with M3 Global Research. Upon completion of a research survey, you will need to provide contact information, and healthcare professionals will be required to provide specific professional information. The professional information includes profession, specialty (if applicable), and medical school and graduation year (if applicable). Verification of this information will be required for the applicable compensation to be paid out, and misrepresentation of credentials will disqualify you from collecting the applicable compensation. If M3 is unable to independently verify this information, you will be contacted by email to provide supporting documentation. If contacted, the requested documentation needs to be received by M3 within 24 hours of request, and serve M3’s verification needs, or compensation will not be provided.
  1. Only one registration per respondent is permitted. Violation may disqualify you from collecting the applicable compensation and result in you being banned from participating in future surveys. If you have previously registered and just need to update to a new email address, please log on and update your email in the Account section.
  2. Misrepresenting your identity, or any other information when registering or answering surveys, will disqualify you from collecting the applicable compensation and may result in you being banned from participating in future surveys.
  3. HealthCare Professionals: Only currently practicing healthcare professionals are eligible to participate in market research surveys. Misrepresentation of your credentials will disqualify you from collecting the applicable compensation and may result in you being banned from participating in future surveys.

    Non-Healthcare Professionals: Misrepresentation of your health status or treatments, or those of a family member, will disqualify you from collecting the applicable compensation and may result in you being banned from participating in future surveys.

  4. Invitations are personal to you and may not be forwarded to others unless explicitly authorized in the email invitation.
  5. We pay compensation only once to each individual who completes the entire survey; please do not complete the survey multiple times.
  6. All surveys include several screening questions which determine the eligibility to complete the main questionnaire. Compensation is not offered for the screening portion of the survey.
  7. M3 has the right to invite or not invite potential participants in its sole discretion.
  8. All survey responses are to be true and accurate to the best of your knowledge; providing false or misleading responses will result in forfeiture of compensation for that survey and banning from future participation.
M3 Wallet
  1. An M3 Wallet account will be set up for you automatically upon completion of the first survey that includes this option. Upon completion of the survey, you will be redirected to the “M3 Wallet” page.
  2. Upon completion of each survey for which you are entitled to compensation, the amount earned will be shown to your M3 Wallet. Typically, the compensation will be credited to your account 2 business days after you complete the survey. In some instances, crediting will require additional time beyond 2 business days and the length of time required to credit compensation to your account may vary. Participation for studies completed in-person at an M3 facility or partner facility, such as interviews or focus groups, may be compensated at the conclusion of the in-person event by check or cash instead of through M3 Wallet.
  3. You are responsible for notifying M3 if you do not receive compensation that you believe you have earned within 6 months of completion of the applicable survey. Failing to do so may result in the waiver of your compensation.
  4. Earned compensation is available for distribution immediately upon it being credited to your M3 Wallet. Except as set forth below, the compensation will remain in your account until you request a distribution.
  5. You may request a distribution of credited compensation by [selecting "Request a Payment" from the "M3 Wallet" page]. You may elect to distribute some or all of the balance in your M3 Wallet by using the options as set forth on the "Payment Request" page. Distribution options vary by country. M3 reserves the right to change or otherwise restrict the availability of distribution options from time to time.
  6. Distributions will be made to the individual M3 Wallet account owner set forth in M3’s records. M3 cannot issue checks to other parties or in the name of a practice or any other organization, including charitable organizations.
  7. Compensation is issued in the currency noted in the survey invitation and M3 Wallet.
  8. You are responsible for the accuracy of distribution instructions. M3 shall not be liable for any losses suffered due to any errors in the distribution of compensation due to incorrect payment details that you provide to M3.
  9. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your account information. If a third party uses your account to withdraw your balance without your consent, M3 has no liability for refunding or replenishing your balance.
  10. M3 reserves the right to:
    1. quarantine or cancel your M3 Wallet balance, in whole or in part, if it suspects fraud, foul play or any breach of our Terms of Use.
    2. amend or withdraw any compensation credited to your account in error.
    3. close your M3 Wallet account if it has been inactive for a period of 12 months from the date of the last distribution or the last survey completion, whichever is the most recent. All funds in a closed M3 Wallet account will be forfeited or escheated to your state of residence in the USA.
    Any questions or concerns regarding your M3 Wallet account should be sent to support@m3globalresearch.com.
  1. You are solely responsible for declaring any taxes, if due, to your local financial authorities as a result of compensation that you receive. You acknowledge that we may supply information to taxing agencies, or withhold taxes, at the request of those agencies or as we in our sole discretion deem appropriate. M3 will not be liable for any taxes or for providing any assistance on tax matters.
  2. US Residents: You may be required under federal, state, and/or local laws to pay taxes on the compensation you earn. You acknowledge and agree that you will provide M3 with any additional personal information via IRS Form W-9, such as social security number or Taxpayer ID number, which M3 needs to comply with any reporting or withholding obligations. Your failure to provide such information within 30 days of a request sent by M3 to the primary mailing address registered at that time may result in the delay of payment of your compensation.

    All participants who earn $600 or more annually are required to provide their personal SSN or TIN for tax purposes. Please see our tax reporting FAQs.

  3. You acknowledge and agree that any payment made to you is fair value for your participation, is made on an arm's length basis and you explicitly agree that it is not an inducement for you to:

    Healthcare Professionals: prescribe any medical treatment, nor promote or deliver any medical product or service, or otherwise modify your behavior in any way related to the delivery of care.

    Non-Healthcare Professionals: inquire about or receive any medical treatment, nor promote or receive any medical product, service or provider, or otherwise modify your behavior in any way related to your current medical care. Please consult your Physician before making any changes to your current medical care, treatments, diet or exercise.

  4. Healthcare Professionals: As required by disclosure laws and regulations in various jurisdictions, M3 may be obligated to report payments made to you for your participation in our marketing research and other programs. By your participation in these programs, you permit us to disclose your earned compensation and other applicable payments as appropriate to comply with such requirements.
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