1. relating to, measuring, or measured by the quality of something rather than its quantity. "a qualitative change in the undergraduate curriculum"

As a key component to research, recruitment of quality respondents for qualitative engagement is imperative. M3 Global Research provides an array of qualitative recruitment services for healthcare providers, patients, caregivers, and general consumers.

Regardless of the methodology, M3 follows a system of checks and balances to ensure that beyond finding the correct respondent we are finding a respondent who will contribute to the success of your research.

Our respondents appreciate diversity and are regularly utilized for an array of methodologies.


Focus group

A gold standard in qualitative research, M3 hosts and recruits focus groups in our state-of-the-art studios located in Philadelphia, PA and London, UK. In addition, when you need our quality recruitment outside of our core locations, we will coordinate, recruit and provide the same level of service with partner studios across the globe.

IN-Depth interviews (IDIS)

Whether you are seeking to connect in a studio, in a physician’s office, in a coffee shop, or at another venue of your choosing, M3 is there to provide quality respondents for one-on-one interactions with your target.

Tele-Depth Interviews (TDIS)

With our heritage of market research embedded in a quantitative offering, we are able to provide true national and global representation in our recruitment. We connect you with respondents in locations that are rarely utilized, as well as standard markets, to ensure the voice of all of your targets are heard.

Webcam focus groups

Utilizing technology to help create the interaction needed without the hassle of travel, M3 recruits respondents to participate in interviews across the globe. We focus on the quality of the recruitment and work with high-end technology partners like Civicom, FocusVision, 20|20 and itracks to provide the perfect platform.

Online Communities

M3 specializes in recruitment of custom communities to provide on-going insight and opinions. Our communities can be recruited specific to brands, therapeutic areas, or attitudinal segmentation.

Working with manufacturers and researchers, M3 have developed a proprietary and proven five-point method to recruit in-depth panels that provide for quick access and rapid response to emerging research questions.

M3 is responsible for development, maintenance, and replenishment of these online communities utilizing digital fingerprint and other monitoring methods to avoid duplication of respondents.

Bulletin Board Research

Seeking to connect respondents across multiple time zones or countries? Looking to provide on-going and engaging studies where respondents can provide opinions at times that are convenient for them? Bulletin board research may be your answer. M3 recruits respondents with the desire and ability to participate in studies for the course of your bulletin board in native language or English only (when possible).

Mobile Qualitative

As smart phones have become an extension of people and how they live, recruiting respondents to participate in mobile qualitative research can provide insights that are difficult to duplicate with other methodologies. From Physicians to first-time Moms, utilize the M3 app or a mobile platform of your own to tap into the moment of the respondent. Photos, videos, dictation, and text provide for deep and meaningful insight from your respondents.

Ethnographic Research

Ethnographies emphasize direct contact and observations of the consumer in the natural context of product acquisition and usage, thus gaining vital understanding for manufacturers from "a day in the life" with consumers.

Types of ethnographies typically conducted by M3 Global Research include home visits, “a day in the life,” accompanied shops and window shopping, simulated shopping, unguided discussions, video analysis, and self-ethnography.

Whether targeting physicians, patients, or general consumers, M3 recruits quality, insightful respondents for your immersion into their world. Beyond recruitment, our project managers oversee all the details of the study including safety checks for recruitment locations, detailed directions and GPS locators, management of pre and post-research assignments, placement of products, coordination of videographers and transportation as required. We ensure you have the time to focus on the most important aspect of the research - the research itself.


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