Physician Map


Physician Map identifies key opinion leaders determined by peer nominations both nationally and regionally, and can also rank physicians by a number of patients influenced metric.


Physician Map - Why and How

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Physician Map locates and identifies “True” key opinion leaders supported by peer nomination suitable to give a speech or lectures at conferences and meetings.


M3 maps out the channels where KOLs have strengths and weaknesses as well as the products and treatments they have historically discussed as reported by their physician network.

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Map and Quantify

The application maps and quantifies KOLs at national and regional levels, prescription doctors – most influential in specialty’s treatment strategies and prospective leading doctors – future leading KOL in the next 5 years.

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Ranking and Selection Criteria

KOLs are distinguished quantitatively and judged on patients influenced both nationally and regionally, not just nomination count.

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