Patient Map

Patient map

Patient Map allows access to an epidemiology database of patients clinically diagnosed and treated for 400+ diseases nationwide including rare diseases.


Why Patient Map

Treatment icon

Percentage of patients treated by department

Needs icon

Unmet medical needs

Nationwide icon

Nationwide patient project for diseases and projection for vaccines

Market icon

Market concentration by department

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Sales rep

Sales rep evaluation and visit frequency

Robust Sample Size

Several thousand completes, which is significantly more than any other types of similar products. With our sample size, this is statistical significant by > 99%.

Company Licensure

This product is a “Company licensure” and can be used by any within your organization. Licensure is for a two year period.


  • Estimate tool for the number of patients by segments and across diseases
  • Basic data for marketing research design. Segment setting for each surveyed physician, screening condition
  • Validate the accuracy of targeting

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