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Welcome to M3 Magnified

As with most things, we believe that M3 Global Research is greater than the sum of our parts. However, we also recognize and celebrate the unique contributions from each of our vital parts. We are delighted to provide this opportunity for you to get to know some of our people better and see how unique they are.

Our HCPs

In M3, the M’s represent Metamorphasis, Media and Medicine… there is no Medicine without healthcare providers. Our physicians, and ancillary care providers are a key to success across our business units. M3 is fortunate enough to work across multiple channels including physician marketing and ethical drug promotion, clinical development and recruitment, physician career services, board exam preparation, medical conference coverage, and journal aggregation… and of course, market research opportunities. We believe in a symbiotic relationship and work diligently to on our end to provide to our HCPS. The success of our business is proof that they are doing their part as well. Get to know some of the health care providers who contribute to successful data collection.

Our Patients

We are so proud, excited, and inspired by our patients and caregivers. As with most organizations focused on healthcare, we have adjusted to recognize the importance of the patient and the invaluable contributions they make to research. The people that our industry affects are more than numbers and statistics—they are someone’s mother, brother, sister, daughter, the love of someone’s life. It is our honor to help bring them and their stories forward as they contribute their distinctive journeys in the treatment and management of their disease. We are pleased to introduce some of our fighters and survivors.

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Our Staff

At the core of our business is our talented, dedicated team of professionals. Across the oceans and within each department there is an excitement that is contagious with our team. With staff that spans generations, cultures, and experiences, we collaborate to create an offering that ensures successful research projects. Meet some of the people who contribute their talents to the brand you know as M3 Global Research.

Juli Finney
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Gloria Scarlato
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Mayu Kennedy
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Greg Borden
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Katy Chan
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Jackie Prinder
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Lindsay Kist
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Elsa Andersson
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