Brand Track

Brand Track

Brand Track allows pharmaceutical companies to evaluate their sales representatives’ performance not only by the sales amount, but through feedback directly from physicians. The medical environment surrounding pharmaceutical companies has change dramatically because of the large number of prescription fulfilment services, penetration of generic drugs and enforcement of transparency and guidelines.


How Brand Track Works

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Step 1

Physicians evaluate 1~5 companies by taking surveys on a daily basis.

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Step 2

Pharmaceutical companies can view the summary of data which includes NPS score.

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Step 3

Pharmaceutical companies purchasing this data could analyze it by area/specialty and match it with target lists.


  • Determine what is causing Product X share dropping in District / Territory A1?
  • Discover immediate impact from the news reports of manufacturing sanctions on prescribing of products from Company ABC?
  • Identify the local reaction to sales force downsizing / lack of in-person coverage.

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